Hey folks, It's me 40 years ago with a note about my new record. I'm back from 1982 because I felt like the guy who recorded "Cover Garage" should look like this, and not how I do now. But the 61 year old me, sings, plays, and writes better than this me, so it's a trade-off. So, about this record. At a period which arguably might be the low point for guitar-based music, I double down on irrelevance with an intensely guitar driven EP of mostly obscure sixties garage rock classics, using period correct instruments, fuzz pedals and amplifiers.


  Many may recognize the Yardbirds, "Over Under Sideways Down", but few have likely heard songs by bands like The Orange Machine, Fire, and The Gants. Some of these are actually covers of covers! How about that?


  Gotta run. The Colours are practicing tonight in Goleta.

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